"It is my priviledge to write this recommendation for Evg. Paul Cornelius and his wonderful family.  They are members of our Church, we whole heartedly support them and their ministry.  They have a great Creation ministry that wins lots of souls and brings Biblical assurance to those who question the Bible.  His family has a great musical presentation that goes with their ministry.  He has tremendous presentations for every age.  This summer their VBS presentations won many to Christ.  Paul and his "Days of Noah Ministry" will help every area of your church needs.  Please consider letting them minister in your Church or Christian School.  They will be a great blessing."

                                                            Dr. Don Greenway, Senior Pastor                                                                       North Side Baptist Church                                                                                 Abilene, Texas



"I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Paul Cornelius.  I have a personal knowledge and sincere appreciation for Paul, a member of our Church since October 2006.  During this time I have had ample time to witness his devotion to the Lord and His Church.  I have found him to be a man of integrity and vision.  He has stepped out by faith in starting The Days of Noah Ministry and God has blessed in the witness of this ministry.  Many souls have been added to the family of faith because of Paul's determination and love for the Savior.
  Not only is this a recommendation for Paul but also for his wife, Dana, and the entire family.  It truly is a family ministry with each being involved.  A refreshing sight in this day of apathy.  Their desire is to be servants and I will heartily recommend them to you without qualification.  You will find them to be a blessing."

                                                                           Dr. Chuck Trent, Pastor
                                                                           Calvary Baptist Chapel

"Let me take this opportunity to thank you for coming to Mountain Mission School to address our student body.  What you presented was well received - and that is not always true.  May God bless your ministry as you continue to speak His truth."

                                                                           Mr. Mark Hood, Principal
                                                                           Mountain Mission School
                                                                           Grundy, VA

"Thank you for your wonderful ministry at Abilene Bible Church.  Your presentation is refreshing, and your example of trusting in God by initiating a ministry at this bad time in the economy is an encouragement and reminder of God's goodness and reality."

                                                                            Dr. Daiging Yuan, Pastor
                                                                            Abilene Bible Church
                                                                            Abilene, TX

"I would like to recommend Paul Cornelius.  His ministry was a blessing to our church.  It was biblically sound and very appropriate for every age.  If you would like any more information I would love to answer any questions you may have." 
Thank you!
                                                                            Lonnie Lehrman, Pastor
                                                                            Granbury Baptist Church
                                                                            Granbury, Texas


“I highly recommend Paul Cornelius and his Creation School. His presentation on creation is biblical, well researched, very thorough, and easy to understand for children or adults. This can be a great evangelistic or discipleship event for the local church. Paul’s goal is to reach the lost for Christ and encourage the saved to trust in the Word of God.”


                                                   Steve Renfrow, Associational Missionary                                                          Southwestern Baptist Association                                                                      Hamilton, Ohio

"I attend Camp Creek Baptist Church which you did a presentation at tonight, and I LOVED it!!! I think the ministry you are doing is awesome and God is blessing! I'd love to receive your newsletter. I'll be praying for you..." 
                                                                                  Camp Creek, WV

"We are happy to recommend Paul Cornelius and his ministry to you.  Paul is a gifted speaker who has a passion for people to understand the true message of the Bible in contrast to many lies being fostered in our culture. His presentation with us was well prepared and professionally delivered. In addition, Paul's family is a testimony to his authentic ministry as they show great love and respect for their parents and the Lord." 

                                                                                   Tommy Walden
                                                                                   The Discovery Center
                                                                                   Abilene, Texas

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