Answers in Genesis - A fanatastic ministry that has built the Creation Museum in Hebron, Kentucky.  It is very near Cincinnati.  Dr. Ken Ham has done a wonderful job of blowing much of the evolution theory out of the water.

Amazing Grace Mission - founded by Dr. James Gardener.  Dr. Gardener was an outstanding soul-winner and is credited with more than 400,000 souls won to Christ through this ministry.  These missionaries are seen at fairs and other public events reaching people with the gospel. 

Creation Evidence Museum - Dr. Carl Baugh is a repected archeologist and founder of the creation model.  His museum is in Glen Rose, Texas right next to Dinosaur Valley State Park.  Dr. Baugh has a weekly television program called Creation in the 21st Century and has done some facinating research with hyberbaric chambers. 

creation_today_logo.png  Eric Hovind's ministry.  Based out of Pensacola, Florida, Creation Today offers seminars, incredible material resources and you can find a very complete calendar of creation events (including ours) on their website.

Discovery Center of Abilene, Texas - Tommy and Carolyn Walden have devoted their lives to presenting the creation message in a very exciting place.  The Discovery Center offers a museum, seminars a creation bookstore and much, much, more.  See them

Ian Juby - Ian has the Traveling Creation Museum of Canada and has done extensive research in castings of fossil finds.  Ian's work has also led him to be involved in the Alvis Delk dinosaur and man's footprint track.  Some of his work with Industrial CT scanning and x-rays proves the authenticity of these tracks.  See a video relating to this subject on his site. 

Steve and Pat Andres - are missionaries with Amazing Grace Mission.  They have a wonderful website and love winning people to Jesus.  Look for them at

Trumpet Ministries - founded by Dr. Carl Sanders, this ministry has done a wonderful job of sounding the alarm that the Lord's return is near.  Dr. Sanders was one of the developers of the micro- chip that could be used in the Antichrist's system of buying and selling via the mark of the beast. 


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