The Days of Noah Presentation is a 45 minute fast-paced look at the days of Noah in comparison to our day.  This teaching by Paul Cornelius covers a prophetical look at some of the signs relating to the soon return of Jesus Christ.  The presentation also demonstrates the historical nature of the flood of Noah and takes a very interesting look at dinosaurs.  

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Transhumanism:  What On Earth Are We Becoming?


Approx. 45 Minutes Run Time

Paul Cornelius takes a hard-hitting, cutting-edge approach to the belief evolutionists are pushing in the last of the last days.  The teaching will connect the dots to many of the cultural changes that are happening in our world today.  A must watch for Christians.


Dramatic CD reading of this book is included with price.


This book is not just Sunday school material for kids, but the thrilling adventure of Noah comes to life through the dazzling, detailed illustrations and the exciting True Story of Noah's Ark. The images of the interior of Noah's ark are like nothing you've ever seen before. The people and cities depicted here are certainly more advanced than what you've been led to believe - these people weren't cavemen! They invented metals and musical instruments; they were skilled craftsmen; they built grand cities - all BEFORE the Flood. And this is not fiction - it's all biblically and historically based.


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Almost 1000 pages of scientific information that refute evolution.  A great addition to any library, especially students.

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